CTP, computer to plate, is a digital imaging process from computer to plate directly. CTP platemaking machine and imagesetter have similar working mechanism and results. Both platemaking devices are controlled by computers directly, form images by laser scanning, and then produce plates ready for printing immediately after development and photographic fixing. CTP employs a digital workflow to convert texts and images into digits and produce plates directly, saving consumption of photographic films, process of manual makeup and semi-automated or full-automated plate burning.

CTP technology was firstly invented in 1980s, when direct platemaking technology was at its infant stage. During those times, both technologies and platemaking quality were poor. By 1990s, equipment manufacturers and printing mills worked together closely to accelerate research and development of this technology and make it mature and ready for industrial application.

Heidelberg CP2000
Currently, HeIDELBERG cp2000 is one of the most widely used machines. It is a highly automated high-speed sheet-fed offset press that prints with both thin and thick paper.

In contrast to other ordinary voltage regulators, it is characterized by big capacity, high efficiency, free of wave distortion, stable voltage regulation, wide range of applicable loads, tolerance of instantaneous overload, long-time continuous work, free switch between manual/automatic control, automatic protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, phase sequence and mechanical failures, small volume, light weight, ease and safety of use and reliable operation.

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